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At our core we want to help small businesses succeed. When small businesses succeed our local communities succeed. The ripple effect goes on and on. It is our goal to be a catalyst for small business growth. If you want to know more, we will sit down with you for free for a minimum of an hour and get to know you and your business. We also want you to get to know us. During that time, we will work together to uncover how best WJE Company, LLC can come along side your organization and work together.  

Our Core Services:

Special Project Implementation - Do you have a one time special project that needs to be implemented? Maybe you are expanding a new line product line, redoing a website, or even expanding your current building. All of these require a tremendous amount time and resources. We specialize in working with your existing employees and structure to drive the project and make sure key benchmarks are achieved. Time, cost, and quality are the three balls that are constantly juggled with all projects. Let us help be the driver of your project so you don't have to pull the key players in your organization off their core functions. 

Start Up Advice - We have worked with several small start ups and first time business owners. Starting or purchasing a business is one of the most exciting and scary times in any entrepreneur's life. At WJE Company, we come along side you for the ride. We will give you independent thoughts and analysis to put your mind at ease during this transition. We answer questions for you like, "Do I really need an Attorney, Account, and Banker?" The answer to that is yes, yes, and yes. We will help you get your business set up correctly from the beginning so you can focus on selling your product or service. We will help you develop effective cash flow and operations so you can focus on growing your business.

Small Business Turnaround Advice - Is your revenue slumping? Has business been slower than normal? We will jump in and ride shot gun with you as you turn around you business. We will do a SWOT analysis with you, find strengths to capitalize on, and find weaknesses and root them out. We know that is a very stressful time as a business owner or manager. Let us come along side and work with you to turn your business around. This is one of our key abilities and core competencies.  

Sales and Sales Management Training - We will work with you to develop a plan of action and accountability to jump start your sales efforts. Part of our training is a full evaluation of your current team. It is our goal to get you running the right direction. We will provide on site training and evaluation and continue with accountability calls and measures in the weeks after training.

Rent An Operations Manager - This is exactly as it seems. You need someone to help run part of your company for a short period of time. We will come in and get to know your team and your business and we will get to work achieving the goals that need to be accomplished. This is where we fill the gap until the project is complete or a new employee can the project over. 

Hiring and Firing - Finding talented employees can be difficult. The large firms of The Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro Area seems to have resources that many small towns and small businesses can't compete with. Let us sit down with you and figure out how to present the position you are hiring for and your company the best way possible. We believe that that quality of life in a small town is a great start. So if you are a small manufacturing company in White Bear Lake, Mn hiring a general manager, or a service company in Osceola, WI hiring an accountant let us help guide the process.

Coaching and Sounding Board Sessions - Most business owners and managers already have informal "sounding boards" they use to get advice and bounce ideas or issues around. Our innovative service allows ideas to to be nurtured and grow. We will listen, ask questions, provide input, and help shape direction. This service becomes more effective the longer it is used. This is a very cost effective way to get another set of eyes and ears on your ideas or help start solving issues. These sessions happen over the phone, at your business, at our office, or anywhere that makes sense! We will also coach your management team or other employees one on one. We will meet with everyone to establish mutually agreeable outcomes and then put a plan together to move your team forward. This is a great service for employees who have management potential, but have no management experience. 


Additional services available:

Team Building, Technology Upgrades, Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions 


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